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NFDI4Culture has structured its work programme into six task areas, each corresponding to different stages of the research data life cycle. A seventh task area encompasses the management, including steering committees, administrative tasks, as well as the communication and decision-making processes within the consortium.

Task Areas

NFDI4Culture divides its work programme into six operative task areas that can be aligned to the different stages of the research data life cycle, thereby allowing for reasonable overlaps and cross-sectional flexibility. A seventh task area encompasses all governance and administrative measures and joins together communication and decision-making processes.

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The research landscape addressed by NFDI4Culture is characterized by strong diversity. It includes university institutes, art and music colleges, academies, galleries, libraries, archives, museums, and individual researchers. Science-led research data management requires lively participation from all stakeholders.

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The governance of NFDI4Culture consists of three bodies: The Culture Spokesperson Committee, the Culture Steering Board and the Culture Advisory Council. NFDI4Culture's governance is closely connected to other NFDI consortia, the NFDI as a whole, and, above all, to cultural policy.

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Coordination Offices

The Culture Coordination Office and the Culture Technical Office bring together all administrative and co-ordinative activities, incentives for participation and inward-outward cooperation, dissemination, community engagement and outreach while taking care of reporting and all governance operations.

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Cross-cutting Teams

Our cross-sectional teams work on cross-consortium topics such as the editing of coordinated handouts on research data management, cross-divisional processes in the Culture Helpdesk, the joint editing and development of the Culture Portal as well as consortium-wide dissemination and documentation processes.

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NFDI4Culture consists of a geographically, thematically and institutionally balanced network that aims to ideally represent the broad spectrum of different actors and communities in the cultural heritage domain.

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Our expert database provides an overview over all researchers, GLAM specialists and creative workers taking part in NFDI4Culture. Each name is an important node in the NFDI4Culture network

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Graphical representation of the Specialised Information Service network for art and cultural studies.

Specialised Information Services

The DFG-funded Specialised Information Services (FIDs) are important partners in the collaborative network for developing a national research data infrastructure. They provide a powerful information structure for their respective subject communities and are actively involved in the strategic and planning processes of the NFDI consortia, in particular through their many years of experience and strong roots within their disciplines.

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