The Culture Coordination Office and the Culture Technical Office bring together all administrative and co-ordinative activities, incentives for participation and inward-outward cooperation, dissemination, community engagement and outreach while taking care of reporting and all governance operations. The two teams facilitate knowledge pooling and exchange between our task areas and other NFDI consortia when jointly working on NFDI-wide cross-cutting topics.

Contact Offices

Information, Communication & Documentation Culture Coordination Office

The diverse NFDI4Culture consortium bundles numerous information nodes in the individual work areas and in the cross-sectional teams. The decentralized distribution of information requires a node in which these information flows from the individual task areas and cross-sectional topics are brought together. This node in the centralized-decentralized structure is formed by the Culture Coordination Office (CCO) team. Specifically, it is the operational liaison between the governance of the consortium (Spokesperson, Co-Spokesperson Committee, Culture Steering Board and Culture Advisory Board) and the employees of the individual task areas. The core tasks of the team include the general coordination of the task areas with a view to the entire consortium, the supporting organization of community events for the general presentation of NFDI4Culture, the overview and forwarding of incoming inquiries as well as internal and external information flows.

Technical Coordination, Services & Infrastructure Culture Technical Office

The Technical Coordination Office (TCO) is the central office for the technical coordination of the NFDI4Culture consortium. It actively shapes its technical development, optimizes work processes and makes a significant contribution to the efficient infrastructure. With around 400 managed user accounts, the TCO plays a key role in networking the consortium, providing technical support and making a decisive contribution to smooth functionality while continuously working on optimizing processes and providing technical services. It monitors and supports certification and implementation processes, coordinates services and infrastructure, in particular the connection of external services via federated identity and access management. In addition, the TCO is involved beyond the culture community in the technically oriented task forces of the NFDI, strengthens cross-disciplinary cooperation and contributes to the technological development of the entire research data infrastructure.