The NFDI4Culture Community

Research Landscape

The research landscape addressed by NFDI4Culture is characterised by strong differentiation. Research units comprise university institutes, art colleges, academies, galleries, libraries, archives and museums of varying sizes and with very different prerequisites. Up to now, no coordinated professional research data management on a national level exists in this area. In a unique effort, this community of interest is tied together for the first time to create a user-centred, research-driven infrastructure that will cover a broad range of research domains from musicology, art history and architecture to performance, theatre, film, and media studies. NFDI4Culture consists of a geographically, thematically and institutionally balanced network of 9 co-applicants and 62 participants. It aims to ideally represent the broad spectrum of different actors in the cultural heritage domain. The co-applicants comprise four universities (Cologne, Heidelberg, Marburg, Paderborn), three infrastructure institutions (FIZ Karlsruhe, TIB Hannover, SLUB Dresden), Germany’s largest institution in the GLAM sector (Stiftung Preußischer Kulturbesitz) and an Academy of Science. This group is joined by 11 academic societies each representing one of the research domains that together make up the community of interest.