Apr 17

The CC-BY-US event series on Cultural Change is intended as an open platform to facilitate discussions on the topic of "sharing research data" and to raise awareness of data sharing.

This is a topic we need to address together. The kick-off event will bring together different understandings of the term and develop and discuss initial definitions of cultural change.

Within the NFDI, cultural change plays a role in the external presentation and operational work of KonsortSWD, NFDI4Earth, NFDI4Chem, NFDI4Culture, NFDIxCS and PUNCH4NFDI, for example. How can the NFDI approach the topic of "sharing research data" and the concept of Open Science? To what extent is cultural change an issue for consortia or an issue for the NFDI as a whole? What is the added value of data sharing as a practice and of cultural change as a concept and process?

These (and other) questions will be discussed during the kick-off of the series.
Holger Simon (Speaker of the Steering Board of NFDI4Culture) and Jörg Seegert (Managing Director NFDI4Earth) together with Daniel Nüst (Cultural Change Officer NFDI4Earth) will provide impulses to think along.

Registration is requested by 17 April, 12:00.

Please find the Link to our eventside and the registration here: https://events.nfdi4culture.de/event/13/