Jan 28

Forum | 28. January 2022

Event data?! Kick-off for the Performing Arts Forum in the Integrated Authority File (GND)

Research and GLAM institutions (such as archives, collections, museums and libraries) need to define common standards in order to achieve sustainable research data management and to improve the digital network of knowledge bases. Standard data, e.g. on people, institutions, places or works, support the linking of cultural assets with research data and allow for permanent referencing. The quality and usability of the data (according to the FAIR principles) require indexing standards that are both theoretically sound and applicable in practice. In the field of performing arts, however, there is still some need for clarification, since the particular, mostly collective ways of working as well as the structural interrelation between production and reception processes often exceed the usual categories of work and authorship.

Performative practices and related research in theatre and dance studies rely on events and processes described by terms such as rehearsal, staging, performance, etc. Yet, there is often no comprehensible connection to these events from the materials and documents preserved by GLAM institutions in the field of theatre and dance. Many indexing environments do not record the entity "event" at all, or only marginally and in rather unsystematic formats. However, the quality of data for a sustainable research on performing arts will improve only through shared understanding of terms and vocabularies and the modelling of standard data for events.

As a kick-off meeting for a future Performing Arts Forum in the framework of GND (Integrated Authority File at the National Library of Germany), the event will explore the interests of the various stakeholders, pave the way for the formation of alliances to develop suitable standards for the performing arts and facilitate agreement on the first concrete steps in this context. Therefore, we would like to particularly invite stakeholders from collections, research insitutions as well as organisations involved in editorial processes for the standardisation of data. Follow-up meetings shall also address artists, ensembles, theatres, production houses, etc. to benefit from their experiences in with their experiences in data management, and to integrate their perspectives into the future work of the forum.

Please register for the forum by 25th January 2022