Aug 2

Expert Working Group | 02. August 2022

Linked Open Data Meeting: Knowledge Graph Strategy

Visualization of the NFDI4Culture Knowledge Graph

NFDI4Culture Knowledge Graph

"Visualization of the NFDI4Culture Knowledge Graph" CC-BY Creator: Torsten Schrade, Owner: NFDI4Culture

The next Linked Open Data Working Group Meeting will take place on August 2nd, at 3pm. In that meeting, Harald Sack will present the Knowledge Graph-based data integration strategy for NFDI4Culture.
This includes:

  • Report from the contribution survey, meetings with data providers and current challenges
  • State and content of the Culture Knowledge Graph version 1.0
  • Strategy on the extension of the Knowledge Graph
  • Integration of the Knowledge Graph and the Registry into the Culture Portal
  • Knowledge Graph curation strategy
  • Content Integration strategy

Please use this Zoom link to join the meeting: