Sep 15
Logo of the annual Edirom Summer School


"Logo of the annual Edirom Summer School" CC BY Creator: Virtueller Forschungsverbund Edirom, Owner: Virtueller Forschungsverbund Edirom

The staff of NFDI4C in Paderborn (from the areas of 'Tools and Services' and 'Cultural Research Data Academy') will be running a course on 'Research Data Management' as part of this year's Edirom Summer School in Paderborn.

Basically, a well planned research data management (FDM) is not a prerequisite for studies, but it is more than recommendable for efficient work. However, at the latest when it comes to planning a research project, it is necessary and for some time now also expected by the DFG in the form of FDM plans for applications to be submitted. The course takes the current situation as an opportunity that although there are already numerous offers of mainly digital training on this topic, there are only a few that also focus on media-specific data relevant to the field of musicology.

The event will take place digitally. Registration/application is possible and welcome at: