Nov 17

Workshop | 17. November 2021

NFDI4Culture Kickstarter Demo

Children group in carnival costume in Roßwein with added script

Workshop announcement first Culture Community Plenary

"Children group in carnival costume in Roßwein with added script" Creator: Günther Hanisch

Wednesday, 3-6 pm

The NFDI4Culture consortium sees itself as an enabling infrastructure - the Kickstarter is a central component of this with a focus on networking, knowledge and experience exchange, innovation management and consulting services regarding research funding programmes. At the CCP, the Kickstarter offers a short demonstration of its services on a small scale in the form of a workshop. As an example, the ideation process for a new research project will be run through with the participants, including the development, evaluation and revision of ideas. The workshop will be held in cooperation with the Center for Digital Music Documenation (CDMD) and Team Helpdesk.

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