Apr 20
Network in blue lines in front of a space background


"Network in blue lines in front of a space background" CC0 Creator: geralt

AG FID as part of the FID network is organising a workshop on the cooperation between NFDI and FID on April 20, 2023. The aim of the workshop is to explore the potential for collaboration in research data management. To this end, seven NFDI consortia will present themselves, each in tandem with representatives of individual NFDI of theconsortia and participating FIDs. The presentations will focus on the topics of authority data & metadata, search & retrieval, publication & archiving, consulting & continuing education. There will also be time for questions and discussion. The focus of this workshop is on NFDI consortia in the humanities, as the number of FID participants (as co-applicants or participants) is particularly high here. The event is open to the public and accessible online.

Here is the programme with the link to join the workshop.