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Forum „(Weiter-)Entwicklung der Research Tools & Data Services in NFDI4Culture“
Forum „(Further) development of Research Tools & Data Services in NFDI4Culture“
<p>On behalf of the NFDI4Culture consortium, we cordially invite you to the first public community forum, which will be held under the topic "(Further) Development of Research Tools &amp; Data Services in NFDI4Culture". The meeting will take place in virtual form on Tuesday, 30 November 2021 from 9am to 12pm.</p> <p>In consultation with you as researchers and members of the various professional societies, we would like to identify the needs of the entire community with regard to research tools and data services. The exchange with you and with each other is an essential part of this format. The insights gained from the forum event will thus flow directly into the work of (further) developing the tools and services of NFDI4Culture.</p> <p>The needs identified by the forum with regard to tools and services will be presented in the next step within the Steering Board, which will finally vote on the tools and services to be funded.</p> <p>The first meeting of the forum should therefore primarily serve to present the further developments of tools and services that have already been started and to identify additional needs for suitable tools that appear to be suitable for funding in the future. Together with you, we would like to discuss which projects –&nbsp;aligned with the divergent and common needs of the community –&nbsp;are suitable for funding and can be realised within the project period. In doing so, we do not want to focus primarily on new developments, but rather on the further development and consolidation of existing tools and services.</p> <p>The following programme items are planned:</p> <p>9:00-9:15 a.m.: Welcome address</p> <p>9:15-10:35 a.m.: Presentation of projects already underway (Paderborn: OxGarage, Dresden: IIIF server, Cologne: search access), work status &amp; time horizon</p> <p>10:35-11:15: Presentation/discussion of further suitable tools</p> <p>11:15-11:30: Break (voting window)</p> <p>11:30-12:00: Evaluation, voting and definition of projects?</p> <p>We look forward to your suggestions. If you would like to bring a specific tool and services to the discussion, we would be grateful if you could send us information and a brief introductory text on this tool and its development status in advance.</p> <p>Please register officially by 15 November 2021 at:&nbsp;<a href="https://cloud.nfdi4culture.de/apps/forms/iFsHzREe6zwyAErD">https://cloud.nfdi4culture.de/apps/forms/iFsHzREe6zwyAErD</a></p> <p>so that we can adequately plan the capacity of the virtual space. We will send you a date reminder and a link to the virtual meeting place in advance of the event.</p> <p>We are very much looking forward to the exchange and the upcoming cooperation with you!</p> <p>Lisa Dieckmann, Kristina Richts-Matthaei, Daniel Röwenstrunk, Sabrina Ujkasevic</p>