NFDI section-ELSA

Dr. Franziska Boehm was elected as spokesperson in NFDI section "Ethical, Legal and Social Aspects"


The NFDI section Ethical, Legal and Social Aspects (sectioin-ELSA) eleceted Co-Spokesperson of NFDI4Culture Task Area 5 (Ethical and Legal Aspects), Dr. Franziska Böhm, as speaker to the section. On Wednesday, March 30, the Ethical, Legal and Social Aspects section met for its kick-off session. Prof. Dr. Ulrich Sax was eleceted as deputy speaker.

For the Common Infrastructures section (section-infra), the kick-off meeting was on Tuesday, March 29. Dr. Michael Diepenbroek was elected Speaker and Dr. Sonja Schimmler was elected Deputy Speaker.