News Item | 21. March 2023

Coaching for Team Helpdesk

News Item


"Notizzettel an einer Pinnwand" CC0 Creator: Patrick Perkins, Owner: Patrick Perkins

NFDI4Culture supports cultural studies communities in their project work, connects stakeholders, identifies needs and developsrefers to offers and solutions in infrastructure. Part of this is the consulting (NFDI4Culture Helpdesk) of research, software or infrastructure projects - regardless of whether they are planned, applied for, ongoing or already completed.

Project consultations are highly individual: the respective frameworks, project contexts, constellations of involved participants, funding opportunities, time frames, etc. vary and require a high degree of flexibility in project consultation, while at the same time a high quality standard of consulting is necessary. Consequently, the NFDI4Culture helpdesk team sought professional coaching. The coaching included four virtual sessions and addressed professional project consulting, especially in scientific contexts, quality criteria of consulting as well as communication and moderation techniques, such as the technique of dialogical conversation management, active listening and the method of collegial consulting. All topics were theoretically founded and practically exercised.

The NFDI4Culture Helpdesk team was able to check and develop its consulting skills through the coaching and will integrate the techniques and methods of professional project consulting into its consulting processes. The workshop was made possible in close cooperation with the project "NFDI in Hessen - professional-infrastructural HeFDI cluster".