Was ist NFDI4Culture? Screenshot vom Erklärvideo

Was ist NFDI4Culture? Screenshot

CC-BY 4.0 Owner: NFDI4Culture

NFDI4Culture is launching a series of three newly produced explanatory videos that explain topics related to research data on (im)material cultural heritage concisely and clearly in German with English subtitles.

For those curious about what NFDI4Culture is all about, we recomment the video "What is NFDI4Culture?". The video "What are authority data?" gives a basic introduction to the topic and explains the benefit of using authority data in research contexts. The third video "3D Objects - Cultural Heritage Virtually" illustrates how digital 3D objects are created and how they help to research and preserve cultural heritage.

All three videos are published and accessible via the newly established NFDI4Culture channel on the TIB-AV portal.

The videos are provided with a Creative Commons license CC BY-4.0. The download is free and you are welcome to share them in your community and beyond, and to embed them into your websites.

Let it roll!