Report | 07. March 2023

Survey Results: Digital Publications in Culture. Examples and Key Features

Some call them executable papers,
some call them multimodal texts,
some call them dynamic resources,
some call them living documents,
some call them multimedia productions,
some call them enhanced publications.
Do you know what we mean?

Thank you to our participants in the online survey on enhanced publications. We promised to keep you informed on the outcome. The survey has been evaluated and a summary of the results can be found here:

"Digital Publications in Culture: Examples and Key Features – Survey Results from the NFDI4Culture Community". Digital Publications and Data Working Group (NFDI4Culture). DOI:

German Version: Digitale Publikationen im Kulturbereich: Beispiele und Eigenschaften – Umfrageergebnisse aus der NFDI4Culture Community

The "Digital Publications and Data Working Group" from the Task Area 4, Data Publication and Data Archiving, has been looking at a broad range of digital publications with enhanced features, ranging from conventional academic papers and monographs, to multimodal projects, or enriched databases.

The survey provided us with what we had hoped for: additional examples of enhanced digital publications across all NFDI4Culture fields of subject, in particular from the field of musicology. It also gave us a hint at what features our community associates with the term enhanced publication. The survey has shown a variety of examples and contexts which go beyond standard research publications or digital collections. In addition, it has shown that a term is needed, that can capture multimodal, multimedia, and multilocal publications. The aim of the working group is to establish criteria that can function as a guideline for the publication and the long term preservation of culture research data.