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Media Studies

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Archiving Tweets in the DNB (Show & Tell VIII)
Audio(visual) Cultural Heritage and Research Data. Requirements for workflows, metadata and repositories
Building bridges between terminologies: challenges and perspectives
CC-BY-US: Cultural change in sharing research data with and through the NFDI
CC-BY-US: Cultural change in sharing research data with and through the NFDI (Part 2)
CRDA Forum 2021
CRDA-Workshop Audiovisual (Research) Data – Areas of Application and Analytical Tools
Cultural data and data quality – let’s talk about problems
Data Sharing in Social Media Research: Insights to Researchers' Practices and Challenges (Show & Tell IX)
Doing Social Research with Reddit (Show & Tell IV)
Emergency Archiving – Telegram Archive of the War (Show & Tell VII)
First Culture Community Plenary
Images in Social Media Research: Digital Tools and Methodological Challenges
"Immer Ärger mit den Bildern" (Show & Tell III)
Memespector – Memes, Platform Data, and Computer Vision (Show & Tell V)
NFDI4Culture Repositories and image annotation tool
PERFORMANCE – PRODUCTION – DATA. Modeling and Communicating Event-related Information
Social Bots (Show & Tell VI)
Social-Media-Corpora (Show & Tell II)
Twitter Tools: Collecting, Curating and Analysing Data (Show & Tell I)
Workshop "Cooperation between NFDI and FID"


NFDI4Culture Research Data Examples


'Archivierungsbemühen' – Sicherung und Langzeitarchivierung von Social Media-Daten
CfP: Long-term archiving, cataloguing, and provision of dynamic data from social media – Twitter and beyond
Collection meets Research IV: Collection data as research data?
Give your Data more Meaning in all Dimensions
Images in Social Media Research: Digital Tools and Methodological Challenges (Forum/Workshop)
Lost without emulation? Joint panel of NFDI4Culture and media/rep/ on archiving digital games at the annual conference of the Gesellschaft für Medienwissenschaft
Methoden und Ziele digitaler Musikwissenschaft – ein Marktplatz aktueller Forschung
New NFDI4Culture handout "LIDO training" online!
NFDI4Culture Forum "PERFORMANCE – PRODUCTION – DATA: Modeling and Communicating Event-related Information"
Presentation of NFDI4Culture at the annual conference of the German Communication Association (DGPuK)
Report of NFDI4Culture Forum "PERFORMANCE – PRODUCTION – DATA. Modeling and Communicating Event-related Information"
Save the Date: Forum "Building bridges between terminologies: challenges and perspectives"
Show & Tell – Social Media-Data in Research Practice (a look back)
Show & Tell – Social Media-Data in Research Practice II (fall/winter 2022/23)
Show & Tell – Social Media-Data in Research Practice III (Summer 2023)
Suggestions for projects/measures „(Further) development of Research Tools & Data Services in NFDI4Culture“
The Forum Media Studies in NFDI4Culture – A look back and ahead
Workshop "Audiovisual (Research) Data – Areas of Application and Analytical Tools"


Alexander Stark
Andrea Polywka
Anna Tuschling
Christoph Eggersglüß
Malte Hagener
Sven Stollfuß


ADA Semantic Publishing Pipeline
Comprehensive consulting: How the NFDI4Culture Helpdesk supports research data management at the Berlin University of the Arts
Culture Community Report 2021
Culture Community Report 2022
Culture Portal Research Information Metadata
DATA AFFAIRS – Data Management for ethnographic research
Dealing with collection items from colonial contexts (2021)
Digital Text Editing with TEI
Einführung in die Arbeit mit Datenbanken
Expert Guidance: The Legal Helpdesk as a Central Point of Contact for Legal Questions in Research Data Management
FADGI – Creating and Archiving Born Digital Video (2014)
FADGI – Digitizing Motion Picture Film (2016)
From printed book to digital map
Graphentechnologien in den digitalen Geisteswissenschaften
Gutenberg goes Culture: How the Gutenberg Museum benefits from NFDI4Culture's expertise and offerings during its digitization campaign
How to be FAIR with your data
Image datasets of the lexicon of revolutionary iconography 1789-1889 in prometheus
Introduction to Jupyter Notebooks
Introduction to Statistics
KIM Open Science: Von Daten zu Publikationen
MANTRA Research Data Management Training
NFDIcore Ontology
Open Science Advanced Course
Open Science: Basic Course
Preparing Process Data
Python for Historians
Research Data in the 4Culture Community
Research Data Management - an Online Introduction (HeFDI Data Learning Materials)
Research Data Software and Data Formats in Humanities and Social Sciences
Search & Reuse Research Data
The CARE Principles for Indigenous Data Governance
The Curator's Machine
Transcription of Data
Upload scientific video contributions
User Story 07
User Story 09
User Story 10
User Story 13
User Story 19
User Story 21
User Story 25
What is NFDI4Culture?
Wikibase4Research Software Stack
WissKI – Wissenschaftliche Kommunikations-Infrastruktur


Der Educational Resource Finder von NFDI4Culture
Digitalisierung des Kulturellen und digitale Arbeitskultur im Forschungsverbund NFDI4Culture. Community-Arbeit an, durch und mit fachspezifischen Datenkorpora und Elementen der FDM-Infrastruktur
Fachspezifisch? Datenspezifisch. Vermittlungs- und Vernetzungsperspektiven von Data Literacy in der Medienwissenschaft
First User Research Workshop on Terminology Services in NFDI4Culture
Forschungsdateninfrastruktur als offene Werkstatt: Community Building zwischen generischen und datenspezifischen Praktiken
GLAM digital – NFDI4Culture-Forum zu Datenkompetenzen, gegenwärtigen und zukünftigen Herausforderungen für GLAM-Mitarbeiter:innen
NFDI4Culture. Die Normierung von Kulturdaten. In: Politik und Kultur 05/2022, S. 7.
RADAR4Culture: Handreichung zu personenbezogenen Daten [deutsch]
RADAR4Culture: Quickstart-Guide für Datengeberinnen und Datengeber [deutsch]
Wir müssen reden. Über das Verhältnis von Forschungsdaten und Medienwissenschaft


Annotation, Terminology Lookup and Personalization (Antelope)
Collections online – Staatliche Museen zu Berlin
Community Forum "(Further) Development of Research Tools & Data Services in NFDI4Culture"
Cultural Heritage Cologne
Culture Bibliography
Culture Community Plenary
Culture Information Portal
Curated Repository List
DARIAH-DE Repository
Digital Collection - Zentrum für Kunst und Medien
Educational Resource Finder
Flex Funds
Forum "Data Publication and Availability"
Forum for data standards and data quality
Forum of the Cultural Research Data Academy
heidICON – Heidelberger Objekt- und Multimediadatenbank
Knowledge Base
Lecture and discussion series "Show & Tell – Social Media Data in Research Practice"
prometheus - A distributed digital image archive for research and teaching
Semantic Kompakkt
SLUB Media Library
TIB Preservation-as-a-Service

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Fachinformationsdienst Medien-, Kommunikations- und Filmwissenschaften
Gesellschaft für Medienwissenschaft