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Ethical & Legal Aspects

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Art Historical Publishing in Open Access - Questions and Answers
Copyrights, CARE and African Music Archives: Tensions between Artists Interests and the Repatriation of Music
ELSA workshop on Anonymisation and Data Escrow
Symposium Copyright


Dr. Franziska Böhm was elected as spokesperson in NFDI section "Ethical, Legal and Social Aspects"
Legal opinion "Audiovisuelle Materialien in Forschung und Lehre – eine Übersicht zu urheberrechtlichen Aspekten" now online (German)
Proceedings of the NFDI4Culture Copyright Symposium


Fabian Rack
Franziska Boehm
Grischka Petri
Oliver Vettermann


Audiovisual Materials in Research and Teaching – an Overview of Copyright Aspects
CARE – Traditional Knowledge Label
Comprehensive consulting: How the NFDI4Culture Helpdesk supports research data management at the Berlin University of the Arts
Copyright – Creative Commons FAQs
Copyright for Music
Copyright – Guide to image rights in art historical practice
Copyright – iRights
Copyright – Rights Statements
Copyright – Which Creative Commons license is right for me?
Creative Collaboration Opens New Dimensions in Research: The Cross-NFDI Hackathon 2022
Data Protection Compliant Internal Sharing of Research Datasets
Data Protection Handbook of the SWD Council
Data protection law – BERD@NFDI: Assistant for checking the scope of application under data protection law
Data protection law – BERD@NFDI: Assistant to consent as legal basis under data protection law
Data Protection Law – Data Protection in Research Practice
Data Protection Law – EOSC Pillar: Legal Compliance Guidelines for Researchers
Data protection law – KonsortSWD Sample contract data use
Data protection law – The "5 Safes"
Dealing with collection items from colonial contexts (2021)
Guidelines for Video Uploads on Video Platforms
The CARE Principles for Indigenous Data Governance
The Legal Primer for Digitisation Projects in Cultural Heritage Institutions
Upload scientific video contributions


NFDI comments on the draft implementing regulation concerning the availability of public data sets
NFDI comments on the EU Data Act