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#4CultureHour on the the topic of Data Literacy
Archiving Tweets in the DNB (Show & Tell VIII)
CRDA Forum 2021
CRDA-Workshop Audiovisual (Research) Data – Areas of Application and Analytical Tools
Data Sharing in Social Media Research: Insights to Researchers' Practices and Challenges (Show & Tell IX)
Doing Social Research with Reddit (Show & Tell IV)
Emergency Archiving – Telegram Archive of the War (Show & Tell VII)
Images in Social Media Research: Digital Tools and Methodological Challenges
"Immer Ärger mit den Bildern" (Show & Tell III)
Memespector – Memes, Platform Data, and Computer Vision (Show & Tell V)
NFDI4C at Edirom Summer School 2021
PERFORMANCE – PRODUCTION – DATA. Modeling and Communicating Event-related Information
Save the Date: "GLAM digital – Data skills for cultural heritage institutions" Forum of the Cultural Research Data Academy (TA 6)
Social Bots (Show & Tell VI)
Social-Media-Corpora (Show & Tell II)
Twitter Tools: Collecting, Curating and Analysing Data (Show & Tell I)


'Archivierungsbemühen' – Sicherung und Langzeitarchivierung von Social Media-Daten
CfP: Long-term archiving, cataloguing, and provision of dynamic data from social media – Twitter and beyond
Edirom Summmer School 2023
GLAM digital – Data skills for cultural heritage institutions
Images in Social Media Research: Digital Tools and Methodological Challenges (Forum/Workshop)
Improving Sustainability in Four Steps. Data Quality Strategies for Museums and Collections
Launch of the Educational Resource Finder
Lost without emulation? Joint panel of NFDI4Culture and media/rep/ on archiving digital games at the annual conference of the Gesellschaft für Medienwissenschaft
Methoden und Ziele digitaler Musikwissenschaft – ein Marktplatz aktueller Forschung
NFDI4Culture Forum "PERFORMANCE – PRODUCTION – DATA: Modeling and Communicating Event-related Information"
Report of NFDI4Culture Forum "PERFORMANCE – PRODUCTION – DATA. Modeling and Communicating Event-related Information"
Research data management as part of academic teaching – A forum of NFDI4Culture's Cultural Research Data Academy (CRDA)
Research Data Management (not only) for music librarians
Show & Tell – Social Media-Data in Research Practice (a look back)
Show & Tell – Social Media-Data in Research Practice II (fall/winter 2022/23)
Show & Tell – Social Media-Data in Research Practice III (Summer 2023)
Workshop "Audiovisual (Research) Data – Areas of Application and Analytical Tools"


Alexander Stark
Andrea Polywka
Andreas Münzmay
Christoph Eggersglüß
Katharina Bergmann
Malte Hagener
Martin Albrecht-Hohmaier


3D Digitization of Cultural Heritage of the European Commission
3D Formats for Classical Studies
3D-Objekte – Das digitale Erbe virtuell
A Research Agenda for Historical and Multilingual Optical Character Recognition
Audiovisual Materials in Research and Teaching – an Overview of Copyright Aspects
CARE – Traditional Knowledge Label
Cataloging Cultural Objects (CCO)
Catalog of Quality Problems in Data, Data Models and Data Transformations (2020)
Categories for the Description of Works of Art (CDWA)
Checklist for appropriate handling of research data
CIDOC Conceptual Reference Model – Primer (2014)
Copyright – Creative Commons FAQs
Copyright for Music
Copyright – Guide to image rights in art historical practice
Copyright – iRights
Copyright – Rights Statements
Copyright – Which Creative Commons license is right for me?
Culture Graph Interchange Format
Data Curation Profile
Data Curation Profiles Toolkit – User Guide
Data Documentation
Data Life Cycle
Data Management Plan
Data Organisation
Data Protection Compliant Internal Sharing of Research Datasets
Data Protection Handbook of the SWD Council
Data protection law – BERD@NFDI: Assistant for checking the scope of application under data protection law
Data Protection Law – Data Protection in Research Practice
Data Protection Law – EOSC Pillar: Legal Compliance Guidelines for Researchers
Data protection law – KonsortSWD Sample contract data use
Data protection law – The "5 Safes"
Data Sharing and Management Snafu in 3 Short Acts (2012)
Dealing with collection items from colonial contexts (2021)
DFG-Code of Conduct "Guidelines for Safeguarding Good Research Practice" (2019)
DFG Practical Guidelines on Digitisation
DFG Practical Guidelines on Digitisation (2022)
Einführung in die Arbeit mit Datenbanken
Erlangen CRM / OWL
FADGI – Creating and Archiving Born Digital Video (2014)
FADGI – Digitizing Motion Picture Film (2016)
FADGI – Guidelines for Embedding Metadata in Broadcast WAVE Files (2021)
FADGI – Guidelines for Embedding Metadata in DPX Files (2019)
FADGI – Technical Guidelines for Digitizing Cultural Heritage Materials (2022)
FAIR-Aware: Assess Your Knowledge of FAIR (2021)
FAIR Data Maturity Model (2020)
FAIR Data Principles for Research Data (2017)
Formal Ontologies: A Complete Novice's Guide (2018)
Gemeinsame Normdatei (GND)
Ground Truth Guidelines für OCR-D (Optical Character Recognition Development)
Guide for digital collection management at art museums (2021)
Guideline for a FAIR Cultural Studies Research Data Management
Guideline for the sustainable development and use of research software
Guidelines for Video Uploads on Video Platforms
Guide to the standardization of provenance information (2018)
Introduction to data formats
Metadata in Daily Research
Metamorfoze Preservation Imaging Guidelines (2012)
Museums and 3D Printing
Newspaper Digitization Master Plan - Recommendations for the Digitization of Historical Newspapers in Germany
OCR – Best-practice-guide
Preparing Process Data
Provenance Research Guide (2019)
Pure 3D Technical Report
RADAR4Culture Quickstart Guide for Data Providers
Report and Recommendations of the Task Force 3D Content in
Repositories - differentiated search for repositories
Repositories for Research Data
Repositories - Introduction to selection
Repositories - Open Access
Repositories – RIsources der DFG
Research Data in the 4Culture Community
Research data policies for research projects: a structured guide
Research Funding - Online Manual
Responding to community demand: Tailored training by the Cultural Research Data Academy
Shaping inventory-based research
Spectrum – Digital Asset Management (2013)
Spectrum – the UK Collection Management Standard
The CARE Principles for Indigenous Data Governance
The challenge of data quality - recommendations for the future viability of research in the digital transformation (2019)
The Legal Primer for Digitisation Projects in Cultural Heritage Institutions
Tools for Data Organisation
Transcription of Data
Upload scientific video contributions
Virtual International Authority File (VIAF)
W3C Web Annotation Data Model
Was sind Normdaten?
What is NFDI4Culture?


Data Literacy Alliance


Lecture and discussion series "Show & Tell – Social Media Data in Research Practice"