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User Story 02

User Story 02

As a musicologist, I would like to annotate musical sources (with text, possibly also with music notation) in order to analyze them further. The question arises whether my annotations and my knowledge of standards, especially MEI-standards are sufficient. I am also wondering about the adequacy of the standards on hand - I want to be able to direct my requests and thoughts to a central, single point of contact. Since I am also involved in teaching, I would like to pass on competence in this analysis to my students in such a way that they can apply these skills.
As an editor of a music edition I would like to create a MEI-based edition of musical scores and keep different versions accessible for different lengths of time in order to a) make decisions later and/or b) keep decisions comprehensible.

(cf. DFG Recommendation 7 on „Sicherung guter wissenschaftlicher Praxis“, p. 21 f.)