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User Story 05

User Story 05

As head of the digitization department of an art historical institute, I am making an inventory of our collection. In addition, digital images of objects are created on behalf of the associated researchers. In addition to our close cooperation with the University Library, I would like an exchange with the specialist community regarding standards development in order to keep our database up to date and highly connectable. For this inventory process, I need qualified staff (regular staff and assistants). I have to pass on and develop the appropriate skills and for this I need suitable training formats that fit the task at hand. I want to be able to direct my requests and thoughts to a central, single point of contact.
As project manager of a digital edition of musical works, I would like to keep the image data resulting from the digitalisation of the underlying sources available for long-term use. My staff requires customised, quality-assured trainings on the long-term availability of image data of musical works.