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User Story 17

User Story 17

As curator of an archeological collection, I would like to digitally record not only exhibits but the numerous stored objects for the first time. In addition to the graphic recording (photography) I would like to provide each object with a file mask and descriptive text and archive my data digitally. At the same time I would like to offer the possibility to put the physically separated objects of my inventory into chronological, geographical or semantic relations (e.g.: my museum has a complete grave inventory; 3 objects can be seen in the exhibition, while the other objects are kept in the stacks. Visitors/researchers have no way of reading and evaluating the objects in their original composition, as of yet). At the same time, selected exhibits should be made accessible to an interested public in order to increase the attractiveness of my institution. This way, I can point out important objects of my inventory and their significance. As part of the DLC, I would like to ensure not only creation and processing of data, but also long-term preservation and reusability of data (= transfer to third parties for research purposes).