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Next Generation Books: Mapping Workflows and Tool sets

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Children group in carnival costume in Roßwein with added script
Next Generation Books: Mapping Workflows and Tool sets

Presentation workshop, ideation, and workflow mapping

#NextGenBooks #4CultureCommunityPlenary

Organised by: Lambert Heller (Moderator) and Simon Worthington, TIB

Topics: Archives and collection publishing as open access; Linked Open Data, and open science practices; collaborative authoring and co-creation.

Duration: Three hours, 17 Nov. 2021, 3-6pm CET


Presenter info and schedule:

A workshop to examine new types of books being made on, for example, art or architecture and their workflows — single source, computational, and collaborative: the technologies, levels of digitization, various types of data to be integrated, collaborative working practice, the motivations, current challenges, and learning from book history.

The workshop brings together different perspectives: collection management and curation, technology platforms, and book series publishers. A series of short presentations will be made about 'work-in-progress' productions, including:

  • ADA Semantic Publishing Pipeline (TIB) - Single source publishing for multi-format outputs.
  • Verum factum book series - Max Planck Institute for the History of Science (Berlin) and Ca' Foscari University (Venice).
  • Graham Larkin - Curator of Early Illustrated Books, USA.
  • COPIM (Community-led Open Publication Infrastructures for Monographs) - UK, International.

The output of the workshop would be a mapping of workflow and tools issues for archives, collections, and scholars. This would be the first of a series of such workflow and tool mapping workshops.

A Miro Board will be used to collaboratively map the different workflows, to show key stages and related tool set options.

Workflows would be grouped in two types:

  • Collection curation and presentation - using complex digital objects - PIDs, LOD, or IIF, etc.; modern computational infrastructures; and Open Access IPR frameworks
  • Book series - where scholars are authoring related to collections.
Simon Worthington