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Research Data Graph Barnraising!


Announcing the launch of the »Give your Data More Meaning in all Dimensions« programme with pilot project participants
CRDA workshop at FFK37: Research data management for early career researchers in film and media studies
Give your Data more Meaning in all Dimensions
Guideline for a FAIR Cultural Studies Research Data Management now online
Knowledge Graphs - Foundations and Applications
Launch of the Educational Resource Finder
Methoden und Ziele digitaler Musikwissenschaft – ein Marktplatz aktueller Forschung
NFDI4Culture Forum "PERFORMANCE – PRODUCTION – DATA: Modeling and Communicating Event-related Information"
Report of NFDI4Culture Forum "PERFORMANCE – PRODUCTION – DATA. Modeling and Communicating Event-related Information"
Report on the 6th meeting of the Expert Forum "Sustainable Software Development"


3D Formats for Classical Studies
Academy Current Research Information System
Basics of digital long-term preservation. A guide to digital long-term preservation from the perspective of the NFDI4Culture community
Checklist for appropriate handling of research data
Data Life Cycle
Data Management Plan
Data Protection Compliant Internal Sharing of Research Datasets
Data Protection Law – EOSC Pillar: Legal Compliance Guidelines for Researchers
Data Sharing and Management Snafu in 3 Short Acts (2012)
DFG-Code of Conduct "Guidelines for Safeguarding Good Research Practice" (2019)
DFG Practical Guidelines on Digitisation (2022)
Einführung in die Arbeit mit Datenbanken
FAIR-Aware: Assess Your Knowledge of FAIR (2021)
Formal Ontologies: A Complete Novice's Guide (2018)
From project proposal to data publication
Guideline for a FAIR Cultural Studies Research Data Management
Guidelines for Research Data Management of Cultural Data: Community Contributions
How to be FAIR with your data (2021)
Legal aspects of research data management
RADAR4Culture Quickstart Guide for Data Providers
Repositories for Research Data
Repositories - Open Access
Repositories – RIsources der DFG
Research Data in the 4Culture Community
Research data policies for research projects: a structured guide
Shaping inventory-based research
Spectrum – Digital Asset Management (2013)
The challenge of data quality - recommendations for the future viability of research in the digital transformation (2019)
Tools for Data Organisation
Upload scientific video contributions
Was sind Normdaten?
What is NFDI4Culture?


Annotation, Terminology Lookup and Personalization (Antelope)
Educational Resource Finder
Expert Forum "Sustainable Software Development in NFDI4Culture"
Forum "Data Publication and Availability"
Forum for data standards and data quality
Forum of the Cultural Research Data Academy
NFDI4Culture Music Award
Semantic Kompakkt