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CC-BY-US: Cultural change in sharing research data with and through the NFDI
CC-BY-US: Cultural change in sharing research data with and through the NFDI (Part 2)
Data Sharing in Social Media Research: Insights to Researchers' Practices and Challenges (Show & Tell IX)
First Culture Community Plenary
Research Data Graph Barnraising!


Collaborative annotation and semantic enrichment of 3D media: Demo of a new FOSS toolchain
Collaborative annotation of 3D digital cultural heritage: A new FOSS toolchain
Creating entity types, entities and relations in ConedaKOR
Die Welt ist klein und man trifft sich immer zweimal… (Keynote zur GNDCon 2.0)
Integration of Wikidata 4OpenGLAM into data and information science curricula (WDC 2021 recording)
NFDI InfraTalk: Wikibase - knowledge graphs for RDM in NFDI4Culture
Using OpenRefine with arbitrary Wikibase instances
Wikibase as RDM infrastructure within NFDI4Culture (WikidataCon 2021 recording)


CfP: Long-term archiving, cataloguing, and provision of dynamic data from social media – Twitter and beyond
Knowledge Graphs - Foundations and Applications
Networking opportunities for the cultural sector
New NFDI4Culture handout "LIDO training" online!
Show & Tell – Social Media-Data in Research Practice III (Summer 2023)
Suggestions for projects/measures „(Further) development of Research Tools & Data Services in NFDI4Culture


Anastasia Wawilow
André Castro
Anne Ferger
Björn Ommer
Daniel Nüst
Dieter Fellner
Felix Bach
Gerald Hübsch
Harald Sack
Jan Wieners
Jürgen Diet
Jörg Heseler
Jörg Waitelonis
Katharina Bergmann
Kolja Bailly
Lars Bernard
Leonhard Maylein
Mark Fichtner
Matthias Razum
Moritz Schepp
Nils Casties
Reinhard Klein
Renat Shigapov
Richard Vock
Sasha Bruns
Sven Peter
Tabea Tietz
Thomas Bähr


ADA Semantic Publishing Pipeline
Data enrichement pipe
Guideline for the sustainable development and use of research software
Knowledge Graphs Course
Linked Open Data Management Services: A Comparison
NFDIcore Ontology
Softwarezitation in den Digital Humanities
The Curator's Machine
User Story 09
What is NFDI4Culture?
WissKI – Wissenschaftliche Kommunikations-Infrastruktur


3. NFDI4Culture Expert:innen-Forum „Nachhaltige Softwareentwicklung“: Beurteilung von Forschungssoftware
4. Expert:innenforum „Nachhaltige Softwareentwicklung in NFDI4Culture“: Professionalisierung in der Entwicklung von Forschungssoftware
5. Expert:innenforum „Nachhaltige Softwareentwicklung in NFDI4Culture”: Institutionelle Professionalisierung – Herausforderungen und Perspektiven
5 Schritte zu nachhaltiger(er) Software
Beurteilung von Forschungssoftware in NFDI4Culture
Beyond the render silo - Semantically annotating 3D data within an integrated knowledge graph and 3D-rendering toolchain
Collaborative annotation and semantic enrichment of 3D media: a FOSS toolchain
Examining Wikidata and Wikibase in the context of research data management applications
From Floppy Disks to 5-Star LOD: FAIR Research Infrastructure for NFDI4Culture
Große Resonanz auf ersten NFDI-weiten Wikibase-Workshop am 23. Februar 2021
How to Define the Quality of Data and Data Models? A Perspective from the Cultural Heritage Domain
How to semantically annotate 3D models of non-textual cultural heritage? A new FOSS toolchain for the Digital Humanities
KGI4NFDI: Knowledge Graph Infrastructure for the German National Research Data Infrastructure
Knowledge Graph Based RDM Solutions
Knowledge Graph-basierte Forschungsdatenintegration in NFDI4Culture
Knowledge Graphs (and Wikibase) for Research Data Management in NFDI4Culture
media/rep/ - Repositorium für Medienwissenschaft
Nachhaltige Software-Entwicklung als Thema der NFDI und in Rechenzentren
Nachhaltige Softwareentwicklung in NFDI4Culture
NFDI4Culture Expert:innen-Forum „Nachhaltige Softwareentwicklung“
Open refine to wikibase: a new data upload pipeline
RADAR4Culture [Poster, deutsch]
Semantic annotation for 3D cultural artefacts: MVP
The Case for a Common, Reusable Knowledge Graph Infrastructure for NFDI
Wikibase and the challenges and possibilities of knowledge graphs for RDM in NFDI4Culture
Wikidata and Wikibase as complementary research data management services for cultural heritage data
Wikidata and Wikibase as complementary research services for cultural heritage data
Wikidata Con 2021: Focus on TIB’s conference contribution
Wikidata Con 2021: Reflecting on questions of sustainability, growing the ecosystem of decentralized data repositories and ensuring knowledge equity


Annotation, Terminology Lookup and Personalization (Antelope)
Community Forum "(Further) Development of Research Tools & Data Services in NFDI4Culture"
Culture Information Portal
Flex Funds
Forum "Data Publication and Availability"
Knowledge Base
Lecture and discussion series "Show & Tell – Social Media Data in Research Practice"
Semantic Kompakkt