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Methoden und Ziele digitaler Musikwissenschaft – ein Marktplatz aktueller Forschung

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Methods and aims of digital musicology - a marketplace of current research
Methods and aims of digital musicology - a marketplace of current research

At the annual conference of the Gesellschaft für Musikforschung 2023 in Saarbrücken, the sections Digitale Musikwissenschaft and Freie Forschungsinstitute together with NFDI4Culture organised a marketplace of current research that gave space to the heterogeneous landscape of digital musicology and its current subjects.

On Thursday, 5 October 2023, between 14:00 and 17:30, current developments, ideas, methods, tools and standards in digital musicology were presented and the visitors of the annual conference were invited to interactively try them out and discuss them.

A total of 16 projects were on site and presented some of their methods and work, some of which have been opening up new research spaces and perspectives for many years. With the addition of large-format posters of the projects, the conference participants were able to try out the projects' offers directly at computer workstations or have them explained to them in conversation.

The aim of this marketplace, to enter into constructive conversation with music researchers, was largely successful, which is why the event will be taken up again in a similar form at the coming annual conference of the Gesellschaft für Musikforschung in Cologne in 2024. The spokesperson of the Freie Forschungsinstitute, Irmlind Capelle, together with Joachim Veit, has thankfully produced a brochure in which all the participating projects present themselves with their stands, thus providing a very nice and informative overview of current offers and questions in digital musicological research, even for those who were unable to attend the conference. The brochure is published on ZENODO and can be downloaded here.

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