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The NFDI4Culture Knowledge Base contains guidelines, reports, and specifications by the task areas of the consortium covering all aspects of research data management in the domain of material and immaterial cultural heritage. Additionally, we provide you with curated link recommendations to high quality open educational resources.

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FADGI – Guidelines for Embedding Metadata in Broadcast WAVE Files (2021)

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Language(s): English

This document describes a common standard for descriptive metadata for embedding in broadcast WAVE files, one of the most commonly used container formats for storing audio files. It is accompanied by the BWF MetaEdit tool, which can be used to integrate the metadata.

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Copyright for Music

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Language(s): German

A useful compilation on copyright for music from sheet music to concert recordings. Spotlights are thrown on music on the internet, the reproduction of music and various scientific use cases  – with details on the use of sheet music.

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