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The NFDI4Culture Knowledge Base contains guidelines, reports, and specifications by the task areas of the consortium covering all aspects of research data management in the domain of material and immaterial cultural heritage. Additionally, we provide you with curated link recommendations to high quality open educational resources.

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FADGI – Creating and Archiving Born Digital Video (2014)

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Language(s): English

These decision-making aids and methodological notes on the production and archiving of born-digital videos focus above all on the sustainability and interoperability of the solutions. Several case studies illustrate the implementation of the recommendations.

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Webinar "Einführung in Iconclass"

NFDI4Culture Video Guideline
Author(s): Angela Kailus
Contributor(s): Martin Albrecht-Hohmaier, Frodo Podschwadek
Version: 1.0.0

This webinar introduces Iconclass, a classification system for the subject indexing of works of art and other cultural objects. It shows how to work with it during indexing and explains how using Iconclass can enhance the interoperability of data. Find presentation slides here.


What are Authority Data?

NFDI4Culture Video Guideline
Author(s): Melanie Gruß, Desiree Mayer
Contributor(s): Eva Bodenschatz
Version: 1.0.0

The tutorial basically explains what authority data are and how they can be used in relation to research data. In addition, the video describes the role of authority data for different entities and from different providers and explains their potential for the Semantic Web.