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The NFDI4Culture Knowledge Base contains guidelines, reports, and specifications by the task areas of the consortium covering all aspects of research data management in the domain of material and immaterial cultural heritage. Additionally, we provide you with curated link recommendations to high quality open educational resources.

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FADGI – Creating and Archiving Born Digital Video (2014)

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Language(s): English

These decision-making aids and methodological notes on the production and archiving of born-digital videos focus above all on the sustainability and interoperability of the solutions. Several case studies illustrate the implementation of the recommendations.

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Transcription of Data

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Language(s): German

The page highlights the aspect of transcription (as writing down what is spoken and observed) of qualitative research data and offers, among other things, further links for audio and video transcription as well as literature recommendations on the topic.

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Rights & Ethics 3 Items

Audiovisual Materials in Research and Teaching – an Overview of Copyright Aspects

NFDI4Culture Guideline
Author(s): Fabian Rack
Version: 1.0.2

The legal opinion (new edition of the 2015 version) explains how audiovisual materials may be used in research and teaching. It explains in which cases researchers must obtain permission and in which use is permitted by law.


Guidelines for Video Uploads on Video Platforms

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This decision tree provides an overview on the data protection aspects of uploading conference videos to popular video platforms as well as the processing of relevant data.


Upload scientific video contributions

NFDI4Culture Guideline
Author(s): Oliver Vettermann, Grischka Petri
Version: 1.0.0

This document aims to explain the legal framework for video uploads to publicly accessible video portals covering video recordings with scientific content. For the detailed data protection section, you will find a flowchart on data protection for video uploads here for your…