Against the background of NFDI4Culture's multidisciplinary research landscape our overarching aim is the documentation, evaluation, enhancement, operation, and further development of existing and new services for research data management which are provided by the numerous members of the consortium.

Consulting & Support

Culture Helpdesk

The NFDI4Culture Helpdesk provides individual support for a broad range of research data and software concerns to scholars, institutions and data providers.

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Flex Funds

Funding of projects and measures for the needs-driven (further) development of research tools and data services in the NFDI4Culture communities.

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Information & Documentation

Culture Information Portal

The Culture Information Portal serves as the gateway and single point of access to all services, data and information resources offered by the NFDI4Culture consortium.

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Knowledge Base

The NFDI4Culture Knowledge Base contains guidelines, reports, and specifications by the task areas of the consortium.

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Registry for Tools & Services

The NFDI4Culture Registry collects metadata about existing research tools and data services, and provides a simple overview and detailed information about the resources.

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NFDI4Culture Newsletter

The quarterly distributed newsletter reports in a low-theshold way about consortial activities, such as upcoming events, short reports on past activities and insights behind consortium services.

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Storage & Preservation


RADAR4Culture is a free service for the sustainable publication and preservation of cultural heritage research data of any data type/format according to FAIR principles.

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Enrichment & Linkage

Culture Knowledge Graph

The Culture Knowledge Graph aims to be a connector for all research data produced within the NFDI4Culture subject areas.

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Semantic Kompakkt

Semantic Kompakkt is a free and open source toolchain for the viewing and annotation of 3D models, and other visual media within a linked open data (LOD) environment.

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Wikibase4Research is a free and open source suite of tools for the storage and management of Linked Open Data (LOD).

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Participation & Community

Culture Community Plenary

The Plenary is NFDI4Culture's largest annual event, bringing together all parts of the consortium and the community for networking and interaction.

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Forum for Data Standards and Data Quality

We collaborate with the expert communities in various formats to discuss needs regarding data quality and standards.

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Community Forum for (further) Development of Research Tools & Data Services in NFDI4Culture

The aim of the event is to identify the needs of the community in terms of research tools and data services in consultation with researchers and members of related disciplines.

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Expert Forum for sustainable Software Development in NFDI4Culture

The forum is a group of software developers, academic experts and representatives from research organisations and infrastructure institutions.

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Forum for Data Publication and Availability

Cultural assets and research data should be permanently accessible, findable and reusable. The forum serves as a platform for a needs-based exchange for all disciplines and service providers.

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Forum of the Cultural Research Data Academy

The Forum of the Cultural Research Data Academy (CRDA) offers a spot for exchange, networking and sharing of knowledge, regarding the CRDA's fields of activity.

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The #4CultureHour promotes the exchange of the consortium with its community on the social media platform Twitter.

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NFDI4Culture Music Award

The NFDI4Culture Music Award is given by the musicological community in NFDI4Culture and intends to recognize music-related or musicological projects and undertakings that contribute in a special way to the goals in the task areas of the consortium.

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