RADAR4Culture is a free service for the sustainable publication and preservation of cultural heritage research data of any data type/format according to FAIR principles.

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RADAR4Culture is a low-threshold and easy-to use service for sustainable publication and preservation of cultural heritage research data. It offers free publication for any data type and format according to the FAIR principles, independent of the researcher´s institutional affiliation. Through persistent identifiers (DOI) and a retention period of at least 25 years, the research data remain available, citable and findable long-term. Currently, the offer is aimed exclusively at researchers at publicly funded research institutions and (art) universities as well as non-commercial academies, galleries, libraries, archives and museums in Germany. No contract is required and no data publication fees are charged. The researchers are responsible for the upload, organisation, annotation and curation of research data as well as the peer-review process (as an optional step) and finally their publication.

Service Architecture

Software Stack:

  • Frontend: Groovy on Grails
  • Backend: Java, Cassandra and ElasticSearch
  • Persistence layer: HPSS (High Performance Storage System) and Spectrum Protect (default configuration)

Infrastructure Options:

RADAR4Culture is based on the well-established research data repository RADAR Cloud, which was developed as part of a DFG project. Since 2017, RADAR has been operated by FIZ Karlsruhe - Leibniz Institute for Information Infrastructure on a secure cloud platform. Research data is stored in three copies at different locations in the data centers of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) and TU Dresden. RADAR is operated exclusively in Germany and according to German law and is of course GDPR-compliant.


Contact Person:
Kerstin Soltau


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