Research Data Management Strategy and Work Programme Task Areas

NFDI4Culture divides its work programme into six operative task areas that can be aligned to the different stages of the research data life cycle, thereby allowing for reasonable overlaps and cross-sectional flexibility. A seventh task area encompasses all governance and administrative measures and joins together communication and decision-making processes.

Work programme and task areas

Our Task Areas address the needs of researchers at all stages of the research process: from the level of data capture, collection and enrichment of tangible and intangible cultural assets to the level of data standardisation, analysis, data publication (taking into account complex ethical and legal situations), data reuse and training.

Capture & Enrichment

Data capture and enrichment of digital cultural assets

Digital representations of tangible and intangible cultural assets provide an essential basis for research in the cultural heritage domain and are more and more present in the day-to-day work of scholars. Thereby, an ever-increasing variety of technologies and data types is being employed, such as…

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Standards, Quality & Curation

Standards, data quality and curation

Our aim is to develop and establish recognised standards and procedures for quality assurance of research data in academic fields that deal with tangible and intangible cultural assets. Data quality not only forms the basis for the reliability of research results, but also for their wider and…

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Tools & Services

Research tools and data services

Within the context of research on material and immaterial cultural assets, research tools and data services are used to generate, analyse, administer, distribute, publish, and make data available in the long term. Therefore, they are crucial instruments for managing research data sustainably. At the…

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Publication & Availability

Data publication and data availability

Within the cultural heritage domain, both repository providers and researches from all disciplines face increasing challenges concerning the publication and long-term digital preservation of research outputs. The growing complexity calls for an improvement of existing standards and the optimisation…

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Technical, Ethical & Legal

Overarching technical, ethical and legal activities

Our main objective is to guarantee a permanent and comprehensive technical infrastructure for the entire consortium which is closely intertwined with the legal and data-ethical aspects. The manifold research data collections of material and immaterial cultural assets will be combined into an…

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Qualification & Training

Cultural Research Data Academy

Being able to use and understand digital data, knowing about advantages and disadvantages as well as challenges and rules are crucial core competencies for scientists today and even more so for generations of researchers ahead. The overall ambition of NFDI4Culture's Cultural Research Data Academy…

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Governance & Administration

Governance and Administration

We bring together all administrative and co-ordinative activities, incentives for participation and inward-outward cooperation, dissemination, community engagement and outreach while taking care of reporting and all governance operations. We enable knowledge pooling and exchange between our task…

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