The following resources provide a collection of information about and from the consortium NFDI4Culture.

Position Papers and Publications

"Politik und Kultur", Newspaper of "Deutscher Kulturrat": Die Normierung von Kulturdaten – NFDI4Culture (p. 7), May 2022 (german)

Special issue "Bausteine Forschungsdatenmanagement" Nr. 2 (2021): NFDI4Culture, July 2021 (german)

Software citations in digital humanities, DHd 2021, July 2021

VDK Guide "Image rights in art historical practice" , May 2021 (german)

NFDI4Culture Statement on the second discussion draft on the implementation of the DSM-RL, 31 July 2020 (german)


Presentation slides

2021/11: Bericht zum Stand des Konsortiums, 2. Culture Community Plenary Nov. 2021, Torsten Schrade (german)

Harald Sack: Knowledge Graphs (and Wikibase) for Research Data Management in NFDI4Culture and Lozana Rossanova & Ina Blümel: Wikibase and the challenges and possibilities of knowledge graphs for RDM in NFDI4Culture, NFDI InfraTalk: »Wikibase and the challenges and possibilities for RDM in NFDI4Culture«, March 2022 (english)

NFDI4Culture - Impact and Services, HeFDI Data Talks, Sept. 2021 Sarah Pittroff (german)

Nachhaltige Softwareentwicklung in NFDI4Culture, Forum Sustainable Software Development, April 2021, Ulrike Henny-Kramer, Daniel Jettka (german) 

Nationale Forschungsdateninfrastruktur NFDI Culture Community Plenary Feb. 2021, York-Sure-Vetter (german)

2021/02: Bericht zum Stand des Konsortiums 1. Culture Community Plenary Feb. 2021, Torsten Schrade (german)

NFDI4Culture explained Culture Community Workshop Sept. 2020, Torsten Schrade (german)



Proposal NFDI4Culture - Consortium for research data on material and immaterial cultural heritage, July 2020 (english)

Proposal NFDI4Culture, Chapter 2.3 The consortium within the NFDI, Oct. 2019 (english)
These pages are an excerpt from NFDI4Culture's proposal submitted on 15.10.2019 to the DFG. In the spirit of mutual collaboration in the NFDI, they are intended to foster an open, transparent inter-consortia discussion of cross-cutting topics.


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