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The research landscape addressed by NFDI4Culture is characterized by strong diversity. It includes university institutes, art and music colleges, academies, galleries, libraries, archives, museums, and individual researchers. Science-led research data management requires lively participation from all stakeholders.

Allegorische Darstellung der Architektur zu Illustration der Teil-Community Architektur


In architecture, documentation standards and data modelling play a critical, constitutive as well as literally constructive role on many levels: in the design and building process as well as in site surveys, built heritage conservation and reconstruction...

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Art History

Art History primarily consists of a debate on visual matter. With paintings, sculptures and architecture there have always been diverse media types within art-historical research. Modern and especially Contemporary Art has expanded …

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Using various methods, the musicological communities generate data on tangible and intangible cultural assets. These range from musical practice in different contexts, instruments, the reception and perception of music, to musical scores and theoretical analyses.

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Performing Arts

Manifestations of the performing arts are mostly based on temporary processes and events with live audiences, even if there is a variety of hybrid formats and despite the growing significance of the digital representation of performances. Research data ...

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Media Studies

Media studies in the context of cultural studies deals with the theory, history and aesthetics of media and media systems, especially from the point of view of their social functions, their technical conditionality and their cultural integration, acceptance and effects.

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