Jul 7
music with overlay of MEI encoding

music with overlay of MEI encoding

CC0 Creator: MEI, Owner: MEI

MEI (Music Encoding Initiative) — an XML-based markup format for music notation — is an important part of the Digital Humanities. In this context MEI has established itself over the last decade, and is currently used in digital music editions and a wide variety of research projects in digital musicology. This free two-day course – organized by the Cultural Research Data Academy of NFDI4Culture – offers a gentle introduction to music encoding with MEI, including an overview of metadata encoding. It starts with a general introduction to XML. The workshop format will be mostly hands-on, with plenty of room for individual questions.

We ask you to install the free demo version of the oXygen XML Editor prior to the workshop (and follow instructions to obtain a free 30-day trial license). A recommended preparation would be to walk through part of the QuickStart from https://music-encoding.org/resources/tutorials.html, the tutorials "Chord" and "Rest" tutorials, along with Chapter 1.2. – Basic Concepts of MEI of the MEI Guidelines.

At the end of this workshop, participants will be able to encode their own selections of music properly, check if it conforms to MEI format and view the results in a webapp like MEI-Friend or Verovio viewer. They will also have an understanding of MEI's metadata structure for helping to ensure findability and reusability of their encodings.

The number of participants is limited up to 10. The course will be held in english. It is a course in two parts (part one July 31st part August 7th, 3–6 pm each).

If you want to register please write an email to: mark.saccomano(at)uni-paderborn(dot)de