Sep 26

 A hands-on event to harvest and publish data in the NFDI4Culture Research Data Graph

Save the Date! On Tuesday 26 September 2023 we will run a "barn raising" event for the Research Data Graph from 13:00 to 17:30 via Zoom.

Organized by: Sasha Bruns, Tabea Tietz & Etienne Posthumus from TA5 with support from Max Grüntgens, Celia Krause, Gabi Pahnke and Angela Kailus from TA2

This will be a community effort to get more content into the graph with some practical examples from a dataset of a community member.

  • What is needed to get my data into RDF that can be used in the RDG?
  • How do I convert it?
  • What kind of tools are there?
  • Who can I ask for help?

Are some of the questions we will try to answer, by digging in and actually doing it during the event.

The team from Marburg has kindly offered their case as an example.

Please spread the word, and invite your colleagues who are prepared to get their hands dirty with wrangling some Research Data.

For some background information, see From Floppy Disks to 5-Star LOD: FAIR Research Infrastructure for NFDI4Culture

Please register here: