Nov 2

Expert Working Group | 02. November 2021

Second meeting of the Expert Forum "Sustainable Software Development in NFDI4Culture“

wooden computer keyboard and mouse

Wooden keyboard

"wooden computer keyboard and mouse" CC0 Creator: Ahsan Ali

The second meeting of the Expert Forum "Sustainable Software Development in NFDI4Culture“ was held on 02. November 2021. The experts from various institutions came together via video conference to discuss the further establishment of the topic of research software and its sustainability in the area of cultural heritage. The main topics of the meeting were recommendations and guidelines for sustainable software development and the NFDI Registry for research software and data services.

After a short greeting and exchange about recent developments the current status of the guidelines for sustainable development and use of research software, which are prepared in NFDI4Culture, was presented and discussed. Based on the following discussion, several suggestions for optimizing the guidelines were proposed and the guidelines were revised accordingly after the forum meeting. Those revisions will be published soon.

The second topic of the meeting - the NFDI4Culture Registry which is developed at the moment - was of high interest, and the demonstration of its conception and the current development status led to a lively discussion about related topics like ontologies, the software to be represented and aspects of the user interface.

The next meeting of the forum is planned for April 2022.