Announcement | 07. December 2023

2. NFDI4Culture Music Award: The recipients of the NFDI4Culture Music Award 2023 have been announced!

historische Blasinstrumente vor blauem Tuch (farbvertauscht)

Musikinstrumente zum Pfeifengericht (farbvertauscht)

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In 2023, the NFDI4Culture Music Award will be presented for the second time to honour projects or undertakings that make a special contribution to the goals of the consortium's areas of activity in the field of music and musicology. Anita Jóri (Berlin University of the Arts) was honoured for her project »Anbahnung ›Berliner Techno-Archiv / Berlin Techno-Archive‹«.

The jury, consisting of representatives from NFDI4Culture, the Society for Music Research (GfM), the German Music Council and the Centre for Music - Edition - Media (ZenMEM), shortlisted the best projects from the submissions received. The award is associated with project funds of up to €3,000, which can be used to finance billable expenses that contribute to the objectives of NFDI4Culture, such as travel expenses, publication costs or expenses for organising project-related workshops. For Kathrin Kirsch, community representative of musicology in NFDI4Culture, »the applications for the NFDI4Culture Music Award have once again made it clear how wide the range of subject and methodological areas of digital music and music culture-related research is. They also show how many outstanding ideas and excellent approaches there are in the community to creatively and productively close infrastructural gaps. NFDI4Culture is and remains irreplaceable for visualising, promoting and bundling these initiatives.«

The award-winning projects will be presented to a large audience at the award ceremony during the NFDI4Culture Plenary 2024.

Statement of the jury

This year, the jury has decided to present the NFDI4Culture Music Award 2023 to Dr Anita Jóri (Berlin University of the Arts). Her project »Anbahnung ›Berliner Techno-Archiv / Berlin Techno-Archiv‹« approaches a source material that is not only in danger of being lost if no efforts are made to collect and (digitally) preserve it. Through its subject matter, the project also addresses specific problems associated with the core concerns of NFDI4Culture: To make music and music culture as a multimedia cultural heritage that is legally subject to different claims and economically integrated, yet as standardised and accessible as possible in the long term. To this end, best practice solutions must be found, which can be jointly developed in a network within the framework of this start-up project on the basis of case studies and with the intensive support of NFDI4Culture.