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"cover of arthistoCast" CC BY-SA 4.0 Creator: Daniela Jakob, Owner: Universitätsbibliothek Heidelberg

In March 2023, the science podcast #arthistoCast went online. It is all about digital art history: the use of digital methods in art historical research – how technical developments can be used for academic approaches and how research methods have changed in the course of digitization.

In each episode, experts from different disciplines and fields of work are invited to talk about their work and experiences with digital methods and technologies. The focus is not only on good approaches and established systems, but also on current challenges and opportunities associated with the use of digital methods in art history.

The podcast funded by NFDI4Culture is produced by Jacqueline Klusik-Eckert on behalf of the Arbeitskreis Digitale Kunstgeschichte (AK). She guides the listeners through the jungle of terms in the world of technology and helps everyone to get familiar with the topic. She is supported by the editorial team with the AK members Peter Bell, Lisa Dieckmann, Peggy Große, Waltraud von Pippich and Holger Simon. The podcast is published by arthistoricum.net and hosted by Heidelberg University Library.

#arthistoCast is a must for anyone interested in art history, digitization, and technology! The podcast provides a platform for discussing current developments and trends in art historical research, while also providing a deeper understanding of the role of digital methods in art studies.

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