News Item | 03. March 2023

DFG Practical Guidelines on Digitisation – updated version 2022 published on Zenodo

News Item
Montieren eines Wegweisers in 1953

Montieren eines Wegweisers, 1953

"Montieren eines Wegweisers in 1953" Creator: Roger und Renate Rössing, Owner: SLUB Deutsche Fotothek

The updated version of DFG Practical Guidelines on Digitisation has been online since mid-February:

Together with Text+, the NFDI4Culture consortium was instrumental in coordinating this update.

The Practical Guidelines are a central basis for DFG-funded projects in the programme "Digitisation and Indexing": They formulate standards and contain information on organisational, methodological and technical issues in the context of digitising and indexing objects of material cultural heritage. They thus make an important contribution towards the sustainability, accessibility and compatibility to the resulting research data infrastructure.

The published document serves as a starting point for a material-related differentiation of the Practical Guidelines by the communities. NFDI4Culture, NFDI4Memory, NFDI4Objects and Text+ are collectively available as points of contact and platform regarding the next steps, as the Practical Guidelines are a central component in forming standards in their research communities. All communities and institutions concerned with the digitisation and indexing of research-relevant objects are encouraged to contribute their expertise to the further process of redesign.