Screenshot der PINK Platform für Innovative Netzwerke in der Kultur

Screenshot PINK Platform für Innovative Netzwerke in der Kultur

With the newly launched PINK – platform for innovative networks in the cultural sector – the Culture Community is enriched by an opportunity to personally connect and network in a meaningful surrounding. Every individual and organisation is invited to create a profile on this platform and may immediately get in contact with one or multiple members via messages and video calls. All services are managed browser based and are very easy to use.

In addition to that the PINK project group is busy organising valuable online events focusing each on a topic of interest for the cultural community in the scope of creating digital content. These "Forums" are filled with different inputs of a variety of experts to the field which serve as starting points to fruitful discussions with the whole community attending the event.

We see museums, architects, theatres, designers and many more professions being represented on the platform. They are nearly 300 people interested in exchanging experience and being curious for new networks. NFDI4culture congratulates the project team and is happy to meet many interesting people, old and new partner!