In 2022 and 2023, the NFDI4Culture Task Area 2 "Standards, Data Quality and Curation" held several LIDO training courses, which were very well attended. For all those who were unable to attend or would like to deepen their knowledge, there is now a LIDO training course in text form for self-study (German) in the NFDI4Culture Knowledge Base, which was published together with the NFDI4Culture cross-sectional team "Guidelines" and can be found here: 

LIDO (Lightweight Information Describing Objects) is a metadata schema for the presentation and publication of data on cultural heritage objects. A short description of LIDO can be found here: 

The training course provides the basics for understanding and using LIDO. It contains 10 modules with introductory texts, XML examples and practical tasks for in-depth study.

The training also includes a 20-minute introductory video entitled "What is LIDO?" (German):