eine Reihe von verschiedenen Formen und Größen von Objekten

Eine Reihe von verschiedenen Formen und Größen von Objekten

"Eine Reihe von verschiedenen Formen und Größen von Objekten" CC0 Creator: Shubham Dhage

Many thanks to all participants in our online survey on the topic of 3D. The “Digital Publications and Data” working group of Task Area 4 created this survey and has now evaluated it. As promised, we will keep you updated on the results!

In addition to developing guidelines for dealing with enhanced publications that contain 3D research data, one of the project goals of Task Area 4 is the development of concepts for long-term archiving in NFDI4Culture disciplines. Such a concept requires technology decisions, which in turn arise from the needs and use cases of the community. To determine our community's needs for collecting 3D data on cultural assets, we conducted an initial survey.

This survey gave us insights into the hardware, software, formats and methods used for 3D capture and display, as well as the type of objects digitised. The evaluation of this survey raises exciting questions that we are currently investigating in more detail. This includes the search for suitable metadata standards for the long-term archiving of 3D digitised museum objects, especially in the context of replicas, for example due to destruction after war.

You can find more information about the survey results for 3D here!