Wooden computer keyboard and mouse

Wooden keyboard

"Wooden computer keyboard and mouse" CC0 Creator: Ahsan Ali

The focus of the fifth meeting of the Expert Forum "Sustainable Software Development in NFDI4Culture", which was held on 25. April 2023, was on institutional aspects of professionalizing software development in science. The discussion was stimulated by impulses from representatives of computing, data, and DH centers of excellence, from funders, and from academia. The professionalization of software development in research faces the particular challenge that software is largely developed in the context of research projects whose funding expires at the end of the project. Even though this problem cannot be solved directly, conclusions and lessons can be drawn on how the various institutional actors, e.g. computing centers, institutes, DH competence centers, funders, and infrastructure projects can deal with this precarious situation. A detailed report is available in the DHd blog