Call for Applications | 27. July 2023

Suggestions for projects/measures „(Further) development of Research Tools & Data Services in NFDI4Culture

Set of tools on a wooden table

Set of tools

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As already announced, the third public community forum „(Further) development of Research Tools & Data Services in NFDI4Culture“ will take place on Friday, 29th September 2023, 9 am – 1 pm.

Now we would like to call for the submission of abstracts for funding of projects/measures in 2024. Proposals can refer, for instance, to the (further) development of features/ functionalities, the improvement of software or services interoperability, the API implementation or porting to current technologies, code refactoring, documentation, designing or setting up a test environment, interlinking of tools and/ or services. Please note that measures which have already been funded have the opportunity to reapply. Within the task area "Research Tools and Data Services" a total of € 120,000 is available in 2024 for the realisation of the proposed projects. The work packages in the projects/measures should not exceed a limit of € 10,000 each. However, several work packages can be specified.

Please submit your proposals by 29th August 2023 via the following form.

In order for us to be able to discuss and evaluate the submissions in good manner, please provide as many concrete information as possible and outline the work packages of your proposal as planned, including expected cost and timeframe. Please note that proposals will need to be realised within 2024.

The schedule for the forum event as well as for the subsequent evaluation and decision procedure will be as follows:

  • 29th August 2023: Submission deadline
  • 31st August 2023: Submission review,
  • 4th September 2023: Invitation and programme announcement
  • 29th September 2023, 9 am – 1 pm: Community forum
  • Last quarter of 2023: Analysis and selection of measures as well as decision by the Culture Steering Board, preparation for granting of funds for 2024

If you do not have a funding proposal but would like to participate in the forum discussion, we kindly ask you to register for the event by 28th September 2023.

We are very much looking forward to getting in touch and collaborating with you!