With participatory formats such as hackathons, we make an important contribution to learning, cultivating and further developing good practices about research data, as well as enabling citizen science projects. We provide advice and guidance on these formats.

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Photo from the Creating New Dimensions Hackathon, originally published on Twitter

English: With Creating New Dimensions (2022), NFDI4Culture initiated the first hackathon in which several NFDIs have worked together in such an event format. We know from our own experience that participatory formats like hackathons, barcamps, and book sprints can make an important contribution to learning, cultivating, and further developing good practices about research data. NFDI4Culture partners use hackathons with diverse target groups, including within their own Citizen-Science-Projects and repeatedly explain to a broad audience how these formats, especially about cultural heritage, can be utilized appropriately. In the context of the joint reflection on transdisciplinary and participatory science initiated in Germany by the BMBF with the PartWiss conference series, we introduce researchers to the potential of hackathons and other participatory formats in conjunction with good research data practice. With semanticClimate, we are playing a leading role in semantically opening up the IPCC World Climate Reports, a key resource for scientifically informed climate protection, in a series of hackathons worldwide.


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Lambert Heller

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Zoe Schubert, M. A.

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