May 2

May 2, 2023, German, online

LIDO Training: Research and teaching (online), May 2, 2023, from 9 am to 11 am.

Screenshot from LIDO (Lightweight Information Describing Objects) XML-Snippet

"LIDO – Lightweight Information Describing Objects (XML-Snippet)"

"Screenshot from LIDO (Lightweight Information Describing Objects) XML-Snippet", CC0 Creator: Barbara Fichtl, Owner: Barbara Fichtl

If you want to learn more about the LIDO (Lightweight Information Describing Objects) metadata schema, now is your chance again! The NFDI4Culture Consortium's Standards, Data Quality, and Curation Task Area (Task Area 2) cordially invites you to attend a free LIDO training session (online) on May 2, from 9 am to 11 am.
In this session we will look at the use of LIDO in research and teaching.

  • When does it make sense to use LIDO in research projects?
  • What can be represented well in LIDO, where do you come up against limits?
  • How can LIDO-based data models be published as research data and thus made reusable?

Colleagues from the project "Destroyed Cultural Property" at the University of Trier will present their experiences with the use of LIDO.

The damage or even complete destruction of cultural assets in wars is often underestimated in its consequences. Not only historical artifacts or cultural assets are destroyed, but also the cultural identity of the country and its population. Four students from the Digital Humanities master's program at the University of Trier have addressed this cultural loss and created an interactive website that contextualizes information about individual sites and the wars they were involved in.

To ensure that the data collected in the "Destroyed Cultural Property" project can also be reused for research, it is recorded in LIDO XML documents for each cultural site and is available on the website for subsequent use via download. In addition, the full website code and LIDO-XML template are publicly available in the project's GitHub repository and can be freely downloaded.

Project description: 
Online database: 
LIDO template/XML template:

The event is open to all interested parties. The event will be held in German.
We look forward to a lively participation!

If you have any questions, please contact us at: lido-feedback(at)sub.uni-goettingen(dot)de.


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