Brief Report | 24. July 2023

4Culture Barcamp 2023: 3D research data for material cultural heritage – Report

The 4CULTURE BARCAMP 2023, dedicated to the topic of "3D Research Data for Material Cultural Heritage", was an excellent success and once again demonstrated the crucial role the community plays in the success of such events. On July 5, 2023, the Barcamp took place online via Zoom, providing a platform for experts, interested individuals, and researchers to exchange ideas and network throughout the entire day.

Following the success of previous Barcamps focusing on digital cultural heritage and 3D data, this time, the thematic focus shifted to digital 3D objects in collections and museums as research data.

The aim of this year's Barcamp was to showcase the diversity of the 3D research data world and its versatile usage scenarios. Participants had the opportunity to discuss what qualifies as 3D data for research, existing application areas, and potential future possibilities. The lack of routine and standardization for publishing and archiving 3D research data, as well as its significance for individual research and provision to external researchers, were particularly highlighted.

The day was expertly guided by the moderator Kristin Narr. The Barcamp began with a warm welcome and a collective warm-up, followed by an inspiring keynote speech by Prof. Kai-Christian Bruhn from i3mainz, who introduced the participants to the topic. The sessions were organized in an open format, emphasizing exchange, interaction, and participation. Participants had the opportunity to submit their own session proposals in advance or contribute them directly during the event. This ensured that the topics and discussions came from the participants themselves, catering to the needs and interests of the community. The physical well-being of the participants was also taken into account with a relaxation exercise led by the wonderful Franziska Fritzsche.

The participation in the Barcamp was impressive, with a broad range of interested individuals, from those without prior knowledge to experts in the field of 3D digitization and analysis. Among the participants were researchers, curators, conservators, data providers, professional digitizers, and users, as well as individuals interested in art history and archaeology. Overall, there were over 170 registrations and over 100 active participants on the day of the event.

The collaboration with NFDI4Objects was particularly valuable, as they contributed their expertise in documenting and collecting cultural heritage objects to the Barcamp. The involvement of NFDI4Objects, including the keynote speech by Prof. Kai-Christian Bruhn, enriched the event and provided participants with deeper insights into the topic.

The Barcamp sessions were highly informative and diverse. Topics included the requirements for digitizations for dissemination and long-term archiving, scenarios for systematic indexing, reconstructions, and much more. Participants shared their experiences, ideas, and research projects, leading to inspiring exchanges and new insights.

In summary, the 4CULTURE BARCAMP 2023 was a great success and significantly contributed to raising awareness of the importance of 3D research data in the context of tangible cultural heritage. The event promoted knowledge exchange, networking, and collaboration within the community and inspired participants for new projects and ideas. Thanks to the dedicated participation and broad interest of the community, the Barcamp became a lively and enriching event.

The results and insights from the Barcamp are of great significance for the NFDI4Culture project and will be incorporated into further development and implementation. We highly appreciate the valuable inputs from the community, which make an essential contribution to shaping and implementing the project's outcomes.

The organizing teams of NFDI4Culture (Task Area Digitization and Enrichment) and NFDI4Objects (Task Area Documentation) extend heartfelt thanks to all participants, session hosts, and our moderator Kristin Narr for their valuable contributions and dedication. Our sincere thanks also go to the organizing teams of NFDI4Culture and NFDI4Objects as a whole, as well as the speakers, especially Prof. Kai-Christian Bruhn from i3mainz, who opened the event with his keynote speech.

We are already looking forward to the next 4CULTURE BARCAMP and are excited about further insights and developments in the 3D digitization community.


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