Jul 5

Special Guest: NFDI4Objects

After last year's barcamp, which was dedicated to 3D data and digital cultural heritage in general, this year we want to focus with you thematically on digital 3D objects in collections and museums, specifically in their use and exploitation as research data.


4Culture Barcamp 2023: 3D research data for material cultural heritage

Date: July 05, 2023 - 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Where: via Zoom https://adwmainz.zoom.us/j/99593435937?pwd=U2NXWlNpdDdJMFpMcytEK2RtVTl3UT09 , Meeting-ID: 995 9343 5937, Kenncode: 876895

Registration: via https://barcamps.eu/4Culture-Barcamp-2023/ 

Language: German, single sessions of the Barcamp can also be arranged in other languages


Collecting, preserving and researching objects of material cultural heritage are essential tasks in museums and collections. In this context, 3D data is becoming increasingly important in the context of documentation, preservation, restoration, and reconstruction of objects in memory institutions.

While in the field of mediation the representative effect of digital 3D objects has been tested and established for years, we still face a lot of unused potential when it comes to 3D research data.

Therefore, at the beginning of July, we would like to offer an exchange platform on 3D cultural heritage data as research data with our 3rd 4Culture-Barcamp on Digitization. This year, we will be joined by our sister consortium NFDI4Objects, which will enrich the barcamp with its expertise specifically on documenting and collecting material heritage. We are pleased to announce that Prof. Kai-Christian Bruhn (Mainz) will give the keynote lecture.

The aim of this year's Barcamp is to show the diversity of the 3D research data world and its evaluation possibilities in order to derive a systematic overview. This can form the basis for a clearer description of the requirements for the management of 3D data as research data.

We would like to explore with you the questions of what qualifies 3D data as research data, where 3D research data as such is already being used, which further scenarios are conceivable, and what this means in conclusion for 3D digitization. The focus will continue to be on how 3D data can be used for one's own research and made available to external researchers. The topics are diverse and can range from the requirements of digitized data for morphometric comparison to scenarios for their systematic indexing in institutional or generic data repositories. The knowledge is with you, in the digitization and 3D community. As always, this is your opportunity to have your say!

The purpose of this barcamp is to initiate an exchange, network, and come to new insights together. Bring your experiences and thoughts on the topic. Likewise, projects can be presented here and like-minded people can be found. All ideas are welcome!

We look forward to seeing you,

Your Orga-Team

of NFDI4Culture (Task Area Digitization and Enrichment) und NFDI4Objects (Task Area Documentation)


Who is this event aimed at?

Interested people with no previous knowledge up to experts in the field of 3D digitization and analysis.

Researchers, curators and restorers, especially in museums and collections, and everyone else.

To data providers, professional digitizers and re-users.

To research projects in the making to completed projects with a wealth of practical experience.

To users and practitioners in the field of 3D, AR/VR, photogrammetry, laser scanning, computed tomography and others.

To those interested in the fields of art history and archaeology, but also to all others.



The event will take place via Zoom. Participation is free of charge. We ask for registration via https://barcamps.eu/4Culture-Barcamp-2023/ The link to the Zoom room will be sent to all registered participants in time before the event.

We will be happy to help you with any questions you may have and would appreciate a short message to coordination-office(at)nfdi4culture(dot)de.

We would also be very happy if you would forward the event announcement to your peer groups, professional associations and circles.


Everything about the event and participation

All relevant information and the preliminary program can be found on our Barcamp page https://barcamps.eu/4Culture-Barcamp-2023/ .

The framework program will be held in German, individual sessions of the Barcamp can also be arranged in other languages.

Session proposals can be submitted in advance in the sessions section on the barcamp portal or alternatively on the day of the barcamp directly during the event. Those who do not want to submit their own topics are always invited to join the proposed sessions and actively participate there.


What is 3D in cultural heritage about, what is a barcamp and how does this go together?

For those interested without prior knowledge, the explanatory video "3D-Objekte. Das kulturelle Erbe virtuell" which provides a basic explanation of what a 3D digital object is, how it is created, what should be considered when making it, why 3D objects are useful for science, and how they help explore and preserve cultural heritage.

This brief introduction video on barcamps gives you a good idea about barcamp events.

For an impression of what a barcamp in the field of cultural data can look like, the results and sessions of our two previous years' barcamps can be found here: 4Culture Barcamp 2021 Digitalisierung für die Wissenschaft and 4CultureBarcamp 2022 – 3D and Cultural Heritag