Participating Specialised Information Services

The DFG-funded Specialised Information Services (FIDs) are important partners in the collaborative network for developing a national research data infrastructure. They provide a powerful information structure for their respective subject communities and are actively involved in the strategic and planning processes of the NFDI consortia, in particular through their many years of experience and strong roots within their disciplines.

Graphical representation of the Specialised Information Service network for art and cultural studies.

FID Network NFDI4Culture

"Graphical representation of the Specialised Information Service network for art and cultural studies." CC BY 4.0 Creator: Maria Chistyakova, Torsten Schrade

Cooperation with NFDI4Culture

NFDI4Culture closely collaborates with the Specialised Information Services funded by the DFG in the cultural sciences and humanities, whose disciplines research tangible and intangible cultural assets.

Founded in 2023, the Network Arts & Culture is an association of Specialised Information Services with a focus on the arts and cultural studies. By bringing in the perspective of each subject area, the aim of the network is to coordinate the collaboration in the FID system as well as within the NFDI. – Specialised Information Service Media, Communication and Film Studies's extensive experience in indexing and managing audio visual data is an important input to the NFDI4Culture consortium. The Specialised Information Service for media, communication and film studies acts as a strong link between its research communities and infrastructure providers from the…

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The Specialised Information Service Art, Photography, Design develops innovative digital tools and supports art historians in publishing and archiving their research results and research data open access. Additionally, its web portal provides access to art historical literature, digital source…

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FID BAUdigital

FID BAUdigital – Specialised Information Service Civil Engineering, Architecture and Urban Studies

The Specialised Information Service BAUdigital represents the fields of civil engineering, architecture and urban studies (urban planning). Its focus lies on digital methods and technologies. Together with NFDI4Culture, BAUdigital works on improving the correlation between 3D and cultural heritage.…

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musiconn – Specialised Information Service Musicology

musiconn, the Specialised Information Service Musicology, has a strong link to its community and is therefore essential to fostering the exchange with researchers, all along keeping with its motto "for networked musicology". With the central information portal for music, it provides access to…

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Specialised Information Service Performing Arts

By expanding the areas of research, data optimisation and networking, the Specialised Information Service Performing Arts seeks to strengthen the interests of theatre and dance studies within the academic system in the long term. Within NFDI4Culture, the exchange with the professional community is…

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