Black and white photography of a signpost in a field.

Staatsarchiv Freiburg W 134 Nr. 008960; Ruppiner Schweiz: Wegweiser mit Wolken

"Black and white photography of a signpost in a field." CC BY 3.0 DE Creator: Willy Pragher

The NFDI4Culture Helpdesk is a service that offers personalized, direct consultations, taking into consideration project contexts, institutional circumstances, and users' prior knowledge. It is accessible to all stakeholders, irrespective of their qualifications or institutional affiliations. Since 2021, the University of the Arts Berlin (UdK) has actively leveraged the Helpdesk to bolster its efforts in managing digital, open, and interconnected data. Prior to its establishment, no consultation service was available for institutions like the UdK, aiming to both create and preserve digital cultural heritage.

"As demonstrated by the University of the Arts, there is an urgent need for consulting and support in both technical and legal matters" (Open Research Data: Infrastructure Services at Berlin Institutions. Measures for the Open Research Strategy of Berlin). The NFDI4Culture Helpdesk has delivered extensive expertise through over 30 consultations with the UdK. Collaborating with the library, archive, and personnel at UdK institutes, customized solutions have been devised. These encompass digitization projects, such as VHS cassette digitization, suitable database solutions for data storage, along with criteria for cataloging and standards for publishing AI-generated data. Legal expertise pertaining to copyright and data protection issues has been consistently provided, particularly in cases involving the publication of artistic content or digitized literature in open access. Furthermore, content for research data management workshops has been conveyed, and guidance has been extended for grant applications.

Due to the intensive collaboration and positive experiences with the Helpdesk, the University of the Arts has emerged as a significant advocate for the Helpdesk and readily endorses this central service from NFDI4Culture. The Helpdesk has firmly established itself as a dependable and widely-utilized consulting service within the 4Culture community. Through its support and guidance, it contributes to the long-term enhancement of research data management within the community, fostering data competence across all levels.

Without the collaboration with the NFDI4Culture Helpdesk, we wouldn't have the capacity or expertise to address particular questions and support the accessibility of research data. I personally couldn't work without the Helpdesk, as I wouldn't have been able to navigate many of these challenges on my own.

Portrait of Friederike Kramer

Friederike Kramer | Universität der Künste Berlin

The helpdesk assisted me quickly and competently.

Portrait Anne Martinsohn

Anne Martinsohn | Universität der Künste Berlin

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