Culture Kickstarter

The Culture Kickstarter supports the Culture communities and their projects with letters of intent, consultancy regarding research funding and curated professional information.

Decorative image of the Culture Kickstarter showing a young Business Boy with Rocket on Back

Young Business Boy with Rocket on Back

"A young business minded boy is wearing a business suit, space helmet with a rocket strapped to his back. Image taken in Utah, USA." iStock Standardlizenz Creator: A.J. Rich

The Culture Kickstarter is a cross-cutting service offering both support and funding advice for new projects. Simultaneously, it serves as an information and knowledge sharing service for the NFDI4Culture communities for example via the Culture news ticker. This provides weekly information on relevant calls, developments, exhibitions and conference reports in the domains of NFDI4Culture. As part of the NFDI4Culture Helpdesk, the Culture Kickstarter advises projects specifically on questions about research funding programmes. Letters of Intent (coordinated by the Culture Kickstarter) from the consortium are another form of support for projects.


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